Humans Act Out Internet Cat Videos in Outrageous VW Ad

German Agency Mangan Shot Recreated Famous Feline Moments on iPhone 6

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Apr 27, 2015

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We've seen several ads that have jumped on the phenomenon of internet cat videos (such as Mars Temptations' Time to Play Ball) but this is the first we know of that gets humans to act out the roles of kitties.

Devised for Volkswagen Marketing Leasing by Berlin-based creative agency Mangan, it sees a bunch of people in cat costumes recreate some famous cat video moments -- including Maru the Japanese cat that slides into boxes, and the Roomba vacuum riding cat.

To add that shaky, home-made, look, all the "videos" were shot on the iPhone 6. The crew also did its best to capture the demeanour of the various cats as well as their antics, as director Curtis Wehrfritz of production company Tony Petersen Film explains in a statement: "Cats act like diva rock stars, their demeanour is so dry, and unaffected. It's not that the cat drops the vase but rather his 'who gives a shit' attitude that really makes them funny. We wanted to make sure we captured that."

So far, so funny, but what does this all have to do with cars? The endline is "You don't have to be a cat to get on the internet," before taking us to a link to leasing VWs online.