Brazil Says Goodbye to the Volkswagen Bus

Almap BBDO "Unintroduces" Classic Kombi Bus

Published On
Oct 09, 2013

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Come December, the iconic Volkswagen bus will making its last lap through Brazil. The automaker will be discontinuing production on the vehicle in the country, so to send it off, Almap BBDO has created this "unintroduction" campaign. This print ad showcases the bus, announcing, "Soon at no dealerships near you," while a website invites fans and drivers to recount their experiences with the vehicle via text, photo and videos.

Since August, Volkswagen has been selling a final, limited edition run of the cars. The 1200 vehicles have special details acknowledging the vehicle's history since 1957, when it was first manufactured in Brazil: blue and white paint and trim as well as luxury features like white crystal blinkers, darkened windows and luxe interiors. Stickers on each side of the car also read "56 years --Volkswagen Bus Last Edition."