A Little Girl Releases Her Toy Monkey Into the Wild in This Sweet Ad From VW

Spot From Argentina Promotes the Voyage Model

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Jan 12, 2017

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A toy monkey comes to life in the wild in this new spot for the VW Voyage from Volkwsagen in Argentina, but is that really where he wants to be?

In the ad, created by Kepel & Mata and directed by Santi Elias at Primo, a little girl is being driven by her parents through a forest, with her toy monkey beside her. When she sees a group of wild chimps, she decides that her monkey might belong there, and sadly releases him into the wild. The toy comes to life in CGI as he moves towards the pack, but at the last second he remembers his owner and returns to the car in a surprisingly moving moment.

So what has all this to do with VW? The tagline of the spot is "Your city. Your Habitat," as the film ends on a shot of the car driving back through the city.