Dogs Are the Antidote to a Divided Country in Heartwarming Experiment From Pedigree

Hillary and Trump Supporters Put Differences Aside for Something They Can All Love

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Nov 04, 2016

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During this crazy election season that seems to have divided the country, dogs serve as a perfect reminder of what really matters, in this touching experiment from Pedigree and BBDO New York.

The pet food brand sent a "lost" pooch and a woman helping to find its owner into crowds of supporters for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But there was one catch -- the woman was wearing a t-shirt for the opposing team.

At times, she's met with strange looks, but ultimately, the dog proves to be a great equalizer, reminding voters that no matter how divided they are, they share a common bond grounded in goodness and humanity. And when its owner finally appears and all parties cheered, the experiment proved that we can there's a triumph we can celebrate together.