The Rock, Ryan Seacrest and Others Rally the Youth Vote in YouTube's Campaign

Campaign Reaches Out to Millennials

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Sep 29, 2016

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YouTube is urging young people to get out and vote "IRL" (In Real Life") in a campaign that features a whole host of online celebrities.

Young YouTubers and vloggers including Chainsmokers, LipsticknCurls, Fung Bros and LacieAndRobin appear in the campaign to rally the millennial audience, while other big media names, like Dwayne Johnson, Conan O'Brien and Ryan Seacrest, are getting on board with the campaign with their own video clips.

The campaign, created by Big Spaceship, launched on National Registration Day. Director Joss Whedon as well as other media outlets like HBO are rallying their own stars for a similar cause.

Using celebrities to encourage people to have their say hasn't always proved to work, however -- in the U.K., stars like Keira Knightley and Lily Cole featured in a campaign aimed at boosting the youth vote in the EU Referendum in June, yet turnout among young people was still low.