Expedia Takes You on a Virtual Reality Ride of Europe's Steepest Railway

Will Fjords, Glaciers and Waterfalls Entice Viewers to Book a Trip?

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Jan 13, 2017
A VR Train Ride on the Flam Railway

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Expedia has created a virtual reality trip taking viewers on Europe's steepest railway line, the Flam Railway in Norway, to celebrate the line's 75th anniversary.

The trip -- which goes on for nearly 45 minutes -- starts at the small mountain station of Myrdal and winds its way down through the mountains to its terminus in the village of Flam in the fjords, passing snow-covered mountains, waterfalls, steep valleys and fjord landscapes.

Viewers can watch a 360-degree version of the film here, or experience it in VR with a headset. Expedia Norway created the film in partnership with Visit Flam and London digital agency Verve Search -- and it might just entice you to book a trip to Norway to experience it all for real.