W Magazine : How to Do a Red Carpet Updo

Potted Plants, Painkillers and Bronzer Are Her Keys to Key Looks

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Aug 11, 2015

Editor's Pick

The team at Conde Nast productions has developed quite the reputation for funny, cinematic storytelling. First, Vogue showed the silly side of its celebrity cover models including Kate Winslet and Jessica Chastain in short films directed by Matthew Frost. More recently, W Magazine took us behind the scenes of supermodel Gigi Hadid's distinctive catwalk, and now W Beauty Editor Jane Larkworthy takes the piss out of online makeup tutorials in a series of laugh-out-loud videos for wmagazine.com.

In films directed by Justin Wu, Ms. Larkworthy has no shame showing us the layer upon layer of bronzer, glitter and more bronzer that go into her "no-makeup makeup."

She also dives deep into her kit -- as well as her potted plant -- to recreate Charlize Theron's "Mad Max" face. "With the eye makeup, it's very important that you look dead," she deadpans.

A third tutorial shows how, with the help of her "mute" hairstylist DJ Quintero and endless back-coming chased with painkillers, she recreates a red carpet updo. One important tip: "Have dirty hair," she says. "I haven't washed mine for about 10 days."