Walmart InHome Gives Santa the Night Off

Groceries Delivered Whether You're Home or Away

Published On
Jun 04, 2021


Walmart InHome is a premium service that delivers Walmart’s fresh groceries, household essentials, prescription medication and more directly into customers’ home or garage fridges. Walmart's Store No. 8 approached Kingsland as a brand and creative partner for Walmart InHome's first holiday campaign.

With a Walmart within 10 miles of 90% of Americans, and an excellent curbside pickup program, it can be hard to convince customers to sign up for a delivery program via subscription, let alone one that goes directly into your home.

For the 2020 Holiday Season, Kingsland created a spot focused on InHome customer “Kris K,” who also may or may not moonlight as Santa. He’s got a lot on his plate as he preps for Christmas Eve, but InHome has his groceries, returns and household essentials covered. When Kris returns from his biggest night of the year, he finally realizes that “presents under the tree” feeling for himself, coming home to a fully-stocked garage.