Campbell's : Warhol Special Edition Cans

Life becomes art becomes life.

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Aug 29, 2012

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Andy Warhol famously had the same lunch every day for twenty years--Campbell's Soup. Not only did it satisfy his bodily cravings, but his artistic ones too--as it became the muse for one of his most famous series of paintings, his 1962 collection of 32 canvases, each depicting a variety of Campbell's offerings. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famed works, Campbell's Soup has released limited edition cans featuring artwork derived from Warhol's "originals," distributed at Target stores nationwide.

Warhol's works weren't lifted directly, but Campbell's global design team worked closely with The Warhol Foundation on the new label designs, derived from original pieces he created in 1965, featuring a more diverse palette than the original 32 cans exhibit.

The cans were originally scheduled to go on sale this Sunday, but according to a Campbell's spokesperson, have already started appearing on Target shelves. Four different versions will be available for $.75 a piece while supplies last--1.2 million cans will be released. (They've actually already started appearing on eBay.) Check out more images below.

The effort also includes the Art of Soup website, which from August 31 will feature Warhol-inspired games as well as a "Pop Art Portrait" app, which invites people to experience their own "15 minutes of fame." It transforms users' photos in Warhol-inspired art, a select few of which will be featured as the cover photo of the Campbell's Condensed Facebook page.