Warner Bros #GodzillavsKongRoar

Bringing an iconic rivalry to life on TikTok

Published On
Oct 05, 2021


With theaters reopening after a long shutdown, Warner Bros. wanted to be sure to engage a broad audience. They challenged Movers+Shakers to design a TikTok challenge that would create a viral moment to drive buzz and viewership of the film, Godzilla vs Kong.

We brought Godzilla and Kong’s epic roars to life and invited TikTokers to create their own back and forth roar-ing arguments. Utilizing an original track, TikTokers told their own stories of epic and hilarious back and forth arguments while playing both Godzilla and Kong (or partnering up with a friend).

The challenge amassed a roaring 6 billion views and beyond that, Godzilla vs Kong became the highest grossing film of the pandemic! HBO Max also announced that it was the most-watched piece of content ever in a single weekend on the platform.