Warner Bros #ScoobDance

Launching a film with viral buzz

Published On
Oct 05, 2021


Ruh roh! Scoob and his gang are back! With the upcoming release of SCOOB!, Warner Bros wanted to boost Scooby’s cool factor among Gen Z.

We tapped into a cultural moment by inviting Jalaiah Harmon to choreograph the #ScoobDance. At the time, Jalaiah had recently become famous for being the unknown creator of the “Renegade” viral dance. As predicted, TikTokers flooded to support Jalaiah and enthusiastically joined in the #ScoobDance, leading to over 7 billion views.

The music was also a massive hit. People loved how we’d worked in Scooby’s iconic voice. The extensive press coverage ranged from Deadline to Adweek.