The Washington Post remembers RBG with stunning art from Edel Rodriguez and more

Paper tapped artist known for his commentary on Trump as well as others to pay tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice

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Sep 21, 2020

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The Washington Post was among the many to pay tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg this weekend. Its coverage included a look back on the late Supreme Court Justice in art and words that combined portraits by creative talents around the world with some of Ginsbug’s most famous quotes.

Among the artwork featured is a pop-art image from Craig & Karl of New York and London; a modern, abstract warrior rendering from Michelle Vela of Toronto; a paper cut-style portrait from Queenbe Monyei of Minneapolis and more.

The paper had also approached Edel Rodriguez, who’s now widely known for his cover art critiquing President Trump, for an image of Ginsburg that he created a decade ago. The simple black silhouette-style graphic is set against a red backdrop, with Ginsburg's distinctive collar standing out in bright white. While originally intended for the gallery above, the paper ultimately placed Rodriguez’ image on the opening page of its print section dedicated to Ginsburg.

As for his approach to capturing Ginsburg versus his more recent images of the POTUS, “I create many different kinds of portraits and the tone varies depending on the subject,” Rodriguez tells Ad Age. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg has always been a fighter for the common person, a voice for those without a voice. She would naturally be painted differently than a president that regularly mocks the memory of American soldiers who fought overseas, women, immigrants and those with disabilities.  RBG is America's light.  Trump is America's nightmare.”

The Washington Post page featuring Rodriguez' portrait had been making the rounds on social media as well. 




Sep 21, 2020
Client :
Washington Post
Artist :
Edel Rodriguez

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