Lucozade : Water Feature

Energy Drink Powers the Everyman Through Big Challenges in South African Campaign

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Jul 21, 2015

Editor's Pick

Lucozade's latest campaign from South Africa shows how the energy drink can sustain you through some of the stressful, but ridiculous scenarios of modern life -- and help you emerge a hero.

Three hilarious ads out of Ogilvy Johannesburg and directed by Dean Blumberg of Bouffant depict people's daily struggles as epic battles, with the help of over-the-top voiceovers and stirring music: a mother tries every means possible to remove bubblegum stuck in her daughter's hair so that "she will not look like a boy!" A man grits his teeth through more than three hours of his struggling friend's performance art production and another guy installs a water feature in his garden -- to prove to his wife (and father-in-law) that he is, indeed, a handy man.

The idea of making the everyman a hero is reminiscent of Budweiser's celebrated "Real Men of Genius" campaign honoring folks such as Mr. Footlong Hotdog Inventor.