JFK Library : We Choose the Moon

Remembering Neil Armstrong's history-making mission.

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Jul 15, 2009
We Choose the Moon

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In memory of the first moon walker Neil Armstrong, who passed away on Saturday, August 25, we revisit "We Choose the Moon," the highly decorated 2009 campaign for the JFK Library, created out of The Martin Agency and Domani Studios.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo landing, the campaign was an in-depth recreation of the historical event. Over four days, the site depicted in real-time, minute by minute, the events that occurred 40 years prior, combining NASA's archival audio transmissions, a transcript of the communication between the Kenendy Space Center and the shuttle, 400 photographs and 44 video clips on WeChooseTheMoon.org. The site also featured new assets, to illustrate the event, 3D animated clips showing the shuttle's flight to the moon.

For more on the site and insight from the creatives, visit the full story.

The site also was named FWA's Site of the Year. Read about it here.