The Sun Reminds U.K. Soccer Fans it 'Feels Football'

The British Daily Welcomes The U.K.'s Soccer Season With This Spot out of Grey London

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Aug 08, 2014

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Sports fandom can be rough. Teams have bad games, bad seasons and even bad decades, but true fans remain loyal come what may-- and this spot is for them. As the U.K.'s soccer season approaches, British tabloid The Sun reminds readers and fellow soccer fans that it's ready and willing to stand by them -- through wins, ties and heartbreaks -- with all of the latest sports news.

In this salty sweet spot out of Grey London, Nazareth's "Love Hurts" blares in the background, as diehard supporters' most gut-wrenching moments take place. From the morose post-loss march out of the stadium to the sob fest in an empty parking lot, Pulse director Martin Kalina really brings both the pain and the funny.

Earlier this year, the publication and agency joined forces to ready readers for the World Cup and, while British soccer may not be everyone's cup of tea, the feeling of loving a person, place or team despite torturous moments is pretty universal.