An Enormous, Mysterious Beast Looms Over the World in KLM's Latest Ad

Darkness Turns to Hope in Cinematic Spot

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Aug 10, 2015

Editor's Pick

In what starts out as an eerie, cinematic ad, an enormous flying beast appears to loom over the entire world -- its shadow casting darkness on cities from New York to London to Shanghai, causing pedestrians to look up at the menacing figure above.

However, the music brightens, and the expressions on the people's faces begin to fill with hope -- and then joy -- as they watch long tentacles torpedo quickly through the sky. Finally, one lands, revealing itself to be an enourmous audio jack that plunges into the earth.

Created out of DDB&Tribal Amsterdam and produced out of MediaMonks, the film, for KLM, shows how the Dutch airlines' support for music and is meant to inspire travellers to follow their love for tunes around the world. Rogier Schalken was the director on the spot.