A Photobook Reveals the Truth About a Wedding in This Funny Swiss Campaign

Ifolor Tackles Heartbreak and Separation in Latest Spots

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Dec 01, 2016

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Swiss photobook brand Ifolor -- which moved us last year with its holiday spot featuring an elderly man suffering from dementia -- has launched a new campaign in which photobooks reveal the emotional stories behind why they were created. And this time, humor mingles with the emotion.

Both campaigns feature a 30 second teaser, broadcast on TV, in which someone is given a photo book and has an emotional response. The viewer is encouraged to find out why by heading online to watch the full YouTube video.

In the first, a heartbroken guy (played hilariously by "Book of Mormon" actor Dan Buckley) has created the book for his ex-girlfriend, Julie, who left him for a good-looking slimeball called Nathan. The teaser shows Julie crying as she flips through the book; the online film, seen here, explains how the protagonist goes to Julie and Nathan's wedding and captures it all for a photobook. As we see each photo he sings an incredibly cheesy love ballad to explain what happened -- and let's just say that Julie's weeping might not all be tears of joy.

The teaser for a second ad features a a little girl giving a photobook to her parents for Christmas. The full film reveals that her mom and dad are actually separated, but she's cleverly used photography to illustrate how she wants them back together.

Walker, Zurich is the agency behind the spots, which were shot in Sweden by Carl Sundemo at Hobby Films. Pius Walker, creative director at Walker, said in a statement: "After the success of the Alzheimer's commercial last year we wanted to explore more real life issues which resonate with audiences. Everyone makes their photobook for a different reason but why not a lovestruck guy who makes his Ifolor photobook to win his ex girlfriend back? Or a smart, young girl who hopes she can reunite her parents for Christmas with her emotional photobook? We're lucky to have a client who allows us to push the campaign away from the conventional."


Dec 01, 2016
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Agency :
Walker Zurich
Agency Contact :
Pius Walker
Account Director :
Cornelia Nünlist
Writer :
Roger Beckett
Art Director :
Stefanie Huber
Design :
Sarah Hauenstein
Design :
Willi Oberhänsli
Design :
Catherine Elf
Executive Producer :
Patrick Plogstedt
Digital Director :
Michael Reissinger
Digital Creative Director :
Yvonne Inlund
Producer :
Christoph Hars
Producer :
Mark Stein
Shooting Director :
Carl Sundemo
Director, Photography :
Gustav Danielsson
Composer :
Michi Besler
Production Manager :
Carl Kristoffersson
Hair and Make Up :
Annika Stödberg
Motion Graphics :
Darius Dettlaff
Motion Graphics :
Christopher Hill
Motion Graphics :
Bernd Hildebrand
Motion Graphics :
Oleg Fatkullin

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