Explore the Mystical World of 'The Magicians' in Syfy's Interactive Experience

Immersive Site Takes You Into the World of Fillory on Weekly Quests

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Jan 26, 2017
Welcome to Fillory

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Syfy channel has created an interactive experience to promote Season 2 of its supernatural series, "The Magicians," set in the magical world of Fillory, the setting for this season's action.

Welcome to Fillory, which was created by Unit9, is an immersive 3D mapping experience inviting fans to explore Fillory by embarking on weekly quests to discover fantastical creatures, monstrous enemies, ancient Gods and hidden worlds. Corresponding with each new episode, the site offers twists, surprises and hidden content.

Last year, Syfy and Unit9 launched a digital experience centered on Brakebills Preparatory College of Magic, the setting for The Magicians Season 1, which took fans through a series of admissions "exams" for entry into the supernatural university.