Sonos Crashes Apple's HomePod Launch With a Curious Playlist and Warm Welcome at Grand Central

Speaker Brand Gets Cheeky on Twitter and in OOH Ads

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Feb 09, 2018

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Apple's smart speaker the HomePod became widely available today, so following the teasing, two-for-one offer of its own smart device last month, Sonos continued to lovingly dig at the tech giant with a dedicated playlist and a warm welcome, of sorts, in New York's Grand Central Station.

This morning, Sonos tweeted to Apple a cheery #GoodLuck along with its own playlist, though the song titles might show the high-end speaker brand's true intentions. Meanwhile, the out of home ads currently surrounding the Grand Central Apple Store feature Sonos speakers alongside copy : "The Smarter Speaker plays in every room" and "The Smarter Speaker plays over 80 music services." FYI, Apple's device doesn't have multi-room functionality and Siri can only work with Apple Music.