Smart Technology Is a Boon to Burglars in This Funny Dutch Insurance Ad

Centraal Beheer Spot Satirizes Tech Guru Lifestyle

Published On
Apr 30, 2015

Editor's Pick

Dutch insurer Centraal Beheer is known for its humorous ads and stunts, and this latest made us laugh with its look at the pitfalls of super-smart technology.

In the ad, by DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, two burglars visit an ultra-modern mansion, and the fun begins when they attempt to climb over its electric gates. Remarkably, the gates just open automatically -- as does the front door when they tap on the kepad.

As they go through the house, the owner's automated-everything helpfully lights up paintings, sets off the robot vacuum, and eventually reveals a hidden TV screen on which the homeowner (who we've glimpsed in a full length portrait) is evangelizing at a tech conference, in the manner of Gates or Jobs, about his app that opens "curtains, lights, even unlocks my car." The duo (by now hysterical as they can't believe their luck) make off with everything including the car, and the ad ends with the brand's long-running strapline "Just Call Us."