Samsung's 'Wemogee' Helps People With a Neurological Disorder to Communicate

System Helps Patients to Express Emotions and Talk to Friends

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Apr 14, 2017

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Samsung has designed a new emoji system to help sufferers of aphasia, a neurological disorder that affects the ability to understand and formulate language (often experienced, for example, by those who have had strokes).

"Wemogee," developed by Samsung Electronics Italy and Leo Burnett Italy, will be available from April 28 for Android and for iOS devices and on Galaxy Apps by Samsung. It works as a kind of translator from text into emojis and vice versa. The app vocabulary was developed in collaboration with Francesca Polini, a speech therapist and professor at the Universita degli Studi in Milan and includes a library of more than 140 sentences related to the user's primary needs. There are also sentences related to emotions that are designed to be useful for aphasic patients.

Aphasic users will be able to choose what they want to communicate from a panel of visual options, sending the sequence of selected emojis to a non-aphasic user. The non-aphasic user will receive the message in text form and will be able to answer with written words -- which can then be translated back to emojis for the recipient with aphasia.

Mario Levratto, head of marketing & external relations at Samsung Electronics Italy, said in a statement: "We strongly believed in the Samsung Wemogee project right from the first stages of development. The approval from our scientific partners on the efficiency of the app for all aphasic sufferers strengthened our certainty of its true social value. With this project, we confirm our stance for putting all our technological know-how to serve society, because social responsibility is one of Samsung's pillars, both in Italy and in the World. We are conscious of how much technology can be a powerful instrument of emancipation and social inclusion."


Apr 14, 2017
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Leo Burnett-Italy
Executive Creative Director :
Francesco Bozza
Executive Creative Director :
Alessandro Antonini
Creative Director :
Nicoletta Zanterino
Innovation Director :
Mattia Montanari
Head of Art :
Mattia Montanari
Art Director :
Stefano Knoll
Creative Technologist :
Stefano Knoll
Copywriter :
Nicoletta Zanterino
UX Designer :
Mattia Montanari
UX Designer :
Stefano Knoll
Project Manager :
Andrea Castiglioni
Brand Leader :
Bruno Borsetto
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Carlotta Piccaluga
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Francesca Ajelli
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Alessandra Caldi
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Basement HeadQuarter
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Francesco Crespi
Director :
Vittorio Bonaffini
Original Soundtrack :
Fabio Gargiulo
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Bkm Production

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