WestJet has created a night light to keep guests connected to their families

The Flight Light will help business travelers share their journey with their children

Published On
Jun 06, 2019


WestJet takes great care to ensure that the needs of every guest are met. Sometimes, that means taking care of their guests’ families. Any parent who travels for work knows that nothing is harder than being away from your family. WestJet wanted to create something that would make business travel easier on parents and their children.

To help make business travel easier on families, Rethink worked with WestJet to create the Flight Light: a nightlight that uses live flight data to project parents’ flight paths onto their child’s bedroom ceiling. Kids can watch their parents fly around the world, and better yet, see how close they are to coming home. When the flight path isn’t being projected, the device has a detachable torch that kids can use to make adventures of their own.