WestJet fills an airport with cows to show how other airlines treat customers like cattle

Spot by Rethink makes point that 'airlines should treat people like people'

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Oct 25, 2019

Editor's Pick

Canada's WestJet aims to make a point about how other airlines treat customers—by filling an airport terminal with a herd of cattle. 

The spot, by Rethink, sees the cows milling around the terminal, lining up at check-in, and mooing in frustration as delays and cancellations are announced, while the counter crew addresses the situation with only sneers and lackadaisical expressions.

The ad finishes with real people walking to check in at WestJet as the words "We believe airlines should treat people like people" appear on the screen. New Order's "Blue Monday" makes an appropriate soundtrack. 

In case you're wondering if they really did fill a terminal with cows, a behind-the-scenes film, below, reveals how the film was made—with lots of CGI apparently, but live cows for the close-ups. "We made cow safety a priority," says the first assistant director. The cows were also paired with other cows so they didn't get stressed—and nobody got in their eyeline. 


The campaign, which kicked off on Canada's Election Night and will run throughout the forthcoming holiday season, also includes digital and out-of-home elements.