'Soothing' sounds in a McDonald's ad are a cry for help (from your stomach)

Nord DDB follows up nightlife-themed ads with dreamy radio spot

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Feb 28, 2022

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Nighttime cravings can be an orca-sized issue, and McDonald’s Sweden is harpooning them with a series of late-night themed campaigns. Last month, Ad Age reported on a series of OOH ads that depicted the chain’s meals through the bottom of a glass—an ideal order for after last call. Agency Nord DDB returns with an evening hours radio spot designed to address your tummy grumbles.

The audio, which airs between 11pm and 5am, sounds like a series of whale songs. Amongst the dreamy whistles and calls, a calm-voiced narrator wonders why the soothing sounds aren’t lulling the listener to sleep, but making them hungry instead.

“That’s because the whale is your stomach,” the announcer says. The sounds are actually the groans of a starving belly and, luckily, McDonald’s Sweden is open all night.

“Silence your night whale,” the narrator says. “It’s gonna be alright my little friend. I’ll get you a Big Mac.” The stomach seems to chirp happily to this suggestion.

“We always look for unexpected ways to communicate our opening hours, so when the creatives mimicked the sound of night whales, we knew it would hit home with our night owl guests and we felt we had to produce this idea,” ​​said Susanne Wahlberg, brand manager at McDonald’s Sweden, in a statement.