This Ad Will Make You Feel Really Bad About Your Life

Mellon Educate Is Urging You to Volunteer in Africa Instead

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Mar 17, 2016

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International volunteer-based building charity Mellon Educate points out how much of our lives we waste on useless stuff in this online video, asking provocatively "What the f*** have you done with your life?"

The spot, by Dare London, uses grains of sand to illustrate how we waste many hours of our life on unrewarding tasks such as work, cleaning, thinking about sex (compared to actually having it) and browsing Facebook. Narrated by actor Nathaniel Parker, star of the BBC's "Inspector Lynley Mysteries," it's well-writtten copy that will strike a chord with many of us.

The video ends by pointing out that with just seven days of your time you can volunteer to make a worthwhile difference -- or you can at least donate to Mellon Educate. The charity, run by Irish entrepreneur and developer Niall Mellon, takes volunteers to Africa each year to provide educational assistance, including the building of schools, for some of the continent's most impoverished children.

Dare has also created a set of "click bait" videos to accompany the campaign to encourage those who don't click on the video first time to engage further with the charity. These use titles such as '"Hot Girl Fail" and "Cute Puppy" to draw the viewer in, but each one catches the viewer out and asks them why they are they wasting their time watching this video when they could be building a school in Africa.


Mar 17, 2016
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Mellon Educate
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