A Digital Whiz Kid Asks 'What's a Computer?' in Apple's Spot for iPad Pro

Ad Features the Adventures of a Little Girl and Her Digital World

Published On
Nov 16, 2017

Editor's Pick

The latest iPad film from Apple just about sume up how life is for kids today: their world is digital, but they don't know what a "computer" is.

The beautifully shot ad follows a day in the life of a young independent girl who sets out to explore with only an iPad Pro and her bike. Along the way, she chats to a friend and virtually signs his plaster cast, uses Apple Pencil to turn a puddle into an aquatic scene, compiles a quick newsletter and flips through a comic strip.

At the end of the spot, her neighbor asks her "What are you doing on your computer?" "What's a computer?" she asks innocently. It's charming. And scary.