Twitter Goes Super Simple in NYC Outdoor Campaign

Ads Feature Nothing But Logo and Punctuation Marks

Published On
Oct 10, 2016

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Earlier this year, Twitter announced it would be embarking on a marketing push aimed to show the general public what it's really all about. The thinking was that a lot of people were well aware of the brand itself, but not all of them understood it. A series of new video ads illustrated the idea that the platform is meant to show people "what's happening" everywhere in the world right now, splicing together clips of hot topics in the cultural conversation.

So it's quite interesting to see that the brand has taken what seems like a more cryptic approach to a new outdoor campaign that debuted recently in NYC, featuring nothing but punctuation marks and the Twitter bird logo. It's a tactic we've seen before with Snapchat -- whose ads featuring nothing but its ghost logo are decidedly enigmatic.

Twitter's outdoor ads appear on turnstiles, subway station walls and more in various areas of Manhattan, including on Canal, 36th and Watts streets. In a new blog post, the brand explained that "In the coming days and weeks, you'll see more work that reflects and highlights the biggest stories unfolding on Twitter today, and every day."