When babymaking isn’t so simple, Frida Fertility makes it easier

A lighthearted campaign from Majestic Beast announces the launch of Frida’s third consumer brand

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May 17, 2023
A woman lying in bed with her legs up, with a turkey baster nearby

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Known for its postpartum recovery kits and the snot-sucking device every parent hates but loves, Frida is tackling another reality of parenting: starting a family. To announce the launch of its third consumer brand, Frida Fertility, the company has released the “Trying Can Be Trying” campaign from creative agency Majestic Beast. 

Frida Fertility was created to demystify the process of trying to conceive for parents who were only taught how not to get pregnant in their sex education classes. According to a study by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, six in 10 women believe they can get pregnant any day of their cycle and seven in 10 don’t know when they’re ovulating. The “Trying Can Be Trying” campaign highlights the myths that spread when relying on Google for conception advice.  


The ad opens with a couple being asked the dreaded “How do you make a baby?” question by their son. Cut to the parents trying a range of questionable conception methods, from using turkey basters to eating pineapple cores.

Finally the commercial ends with the dad telling his son, “This is also cool. Daddy had to stop wearing tighty-whities,” before cutting to a shot of Frida Fertility products and a super that reads “Better your chances.”

The new line of products offers solutions to couples trying to conceive, including pre-conception supplements, ovulation prediction tests and at-home insemination kits.


May 17, 2023
Client :
Agency :
Majestic Beast
Chelsea Hirschhorn
President :
Eric Hirschhorn
SVP Marketing :
Dan Connors
Brand Manager :
Grace Gil
VP Digital :
Halie Savage
VP Creative :
Matt Orser
Producer :
Lindsay Stillman Cohen
3D Motion & Graphic Artist :
Ricky Mantilla
Creative Studio :
Majestic Beast
Chief Creative :
Bob Winter
Director :
PJ Fishwick
Line Producer :
Jonah Mueller
Chief Production :
Matt Abramson
Chief Managing :
Jen Shelley
Editorial :
Whitehouse Post
Editor/Partner :
Matthew Wood
Assistant Editor :
Lauren Malis
Sr. Executive Producer :
Kristin Angeletti
Finish :
Color :
Colorist :
Bree Brackett
Color Assist :
Zoe Lambert
Color EP :
Laurie Adrianopoli
Mix :
Bam Studios
Mix Engineer :
Dave Leffel

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