If your internet goes down, this telecom firm's 'offline website' lets you pretend you're still connected

Bougyes created funny site to highlight how good its own service is

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May 09, 2018

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In the realm of #firstworldproblems, there's nothing more terrifying than when your internet goes down-- and it's guaranteed to have you spitting and cursing at your provider.

With this in mind, French telecom firm Bouygues wants to highlight how reliable its service is, so it has created an "offline website" for all those customers of other brands to use when their internet isn't working.

Go to its "when the internet is down" website, and it'll tell you to switch off your Wi-Fi. Once you have, you can play a click-through choose your own adventure "game," click through the truncated storyline of a suspiciously "Game of Thrones"-like TV drama, read amusing explanations of some music lyrics, and see a summary, in text, of several thousand boring Instagram photos. There's also a long, rambling description of several news broadcasts about the fact that it snowed in February.

It's a fun idea, amusingly executed by agency BETC -- but if we have any criticism of this project, it's the fact that it might make you realize you don't need the internet anyway.

How does it work? Maxime Huygue, Head of BETC Digital Studio, explains that the site is cached content, with visuals all in ASCIII to limit the space it takes up in your cache. "The entire content weighs less than the wallpaper on your iPhone," she explains.