It's Hard Not to Fall in Love With This Ikea Family

Interactive Film Is a Heartwarming 'Day in the Life' Catalog to Promote Retailer's Bed & Bath Line

Published On
Aug 19, 2014

Editor's Pick

Hectic mornings are the stuff of family life -- and provide some of the most memorable, heartwarming experiences, as illustrated in this charming new interactive campaign for Ikea, created out of SMFB Oslo and produced out of Media Monks.

"Where Good Days Start" is a multiplatform effort promoting the retailer's Bed and Bathroom collection and includes a TV spot and interactive experience (see trailer above) that follow a young Scandinavian family's morning routine. The former is a charming look at the a.m. through the eyes of the father, who rises early to get things organized before his wife wakes, while the latter, which invites viewers to click into different scenarios, immerses visitors in the goings on of the entire clan -- from the older son's grooming rituals, to mom's preparation of breakfast -- recipe included.

According to SMFB Creative Alexander Gjersoe in a statement, the campaign "celebrates the ordinary -- the rituals we all recognize and live -- to make for a story that everyone can relate to. . .This campaign isn't so much about the latest Ikea products but about the role these products play in our lives."