Heineken Helps You Find Where's Hot In Your City with Social Tool

R/GA Developed Digital Platform That Analyzes Trending Locations

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Jul 14, 2014

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Heineken has launched a Twitter-based tool called @wherenext that aims to help consumers make the most of whatever city they are in -- by finding out where other people think is hot. The digital platform, which can be be accessed on a mobile website, was developed in collaboration with R/GA London.

Recent Heineken research suggested consumers experience a "fear of missing out" on the exciting experiences in their city. So, the tool gives them real time recommendations of where to go using an algorithm that listens to social media activity, such as tweets, check-ins and photos across platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare and analyzes which locations are trending. Users must tweet '@wherenext' plus their location and @wherenext will produce recommendations.

The brand will put @wherenext to the test by launching a live televised social experiment that will see real people in three cities challenged to uncover the city's best kept secrets in a race against the clock. (More details will be revealed later this month.)