Man Parts Do a Happy Dance in Racy Spot for Nadkins Masculine Hygiene Wipes

Male Sensitive Area Celebrates Its Special Treatment From New Brand

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Feb 25, 2016

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Masculine hygiene has been largely an afterthought for the big companies of personal care. But Manager Inc. and its new brand Nadkins, launched last year, is stepping into the breach with their first digital advertising from Mad Dogs & Englishmen Oakland.

Nadkins is billed as "the world's first 100% natural, non-toxic towlette specifically formulated for a man's most sensitive area." The 46-second video shows certain parts of the male anatomy, attached to men from all walks of life, dancing a happy dance to Col. Bogey's March -- the whistling theme from "The Bridge Over the River Kwai." Tagline: "When they're happy, you're happy."

Some women look on approvingly too.

It's hard to know about firsts for a category shrouded so deeply in the nether regions. But Morgan Spurlock took a deep dive into the broader business in his 2012 film "Mansome," which included a look at the Fresh Balls brand, which launched a liquid soap for masculine cleansing in 2009 with tea tree oil and oatmeal.

Kimberly-Clark Corp.'s Depend launched pads designed to protect men from light bladder leakage in 2013, with ads featuring former National Football League defensive tackle Tony Siragusa.

Agency Mad Dogs has created everything from the logo design to the packaging to the strategy for the new brand, said Co-ECD Jon Soto. Nadkins CEO Joe Caccamo "and I have been friends for years," he said. "We used to play in a band called Low Tide together. He called us and asked if we'd help with the project. Nick [Cohen, co-ECD] and I were thrilled to help bring it all to life."

As for the brief on the work, the agency created it. "There's competition out there in this category, but it's all very frat boy and or sexual," Mr. Soto said. "We wanted to introduce something that was friendly, approachable and high-end. It has to be all about well being and feeling good."

The idea of dancing man parts "came out of the line we'd landed on 'When They're Happy, You're Happy,'" he explained. "It's the guiding light for all things Nadkins. We wanted to create something that your mom would giggle at and then share because it was misbehaving a bit. But not in any way gross. We had zero reservations."

As for how the agency pulled it off, it was mostly a feat of in-camera wizardry, shot in Nashville with production company Uncle Friendly. "The effects were all strings and ping pong balls and puppeteers," Mr. Soto said."Needless to say we were answering a lot of questions to baffled bystanders."

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Feb 25, 2016
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Mad Dogs And Englishmen
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