Saks Fifth Avenue : Who Makes the Snow

The story of a magical experience.

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Dec 19, 2011
Who Makes the Snow

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Saks Fifth Avenue is selling a storybook, Who Makes the Snow?, to accompany its holiday shopping experience, inspired by its snowflake and bubble-themed holiday light show on its windows this year, which was created by design agency Pentagram and Iris.

The book, which is written by Pentagram partner Naresh Ramchandani and illustrated by Ilyanna Kerr, takes up the theme of the concept, which divides the Saks store into two worlds; the subterranean world of the bubble makers and the imaginary world of the snow makers who inhabit the roof of the building. Connecting the two is a curious little girl called Holly, who, whilst shopping in Saks on Christmas Eve with her parents, finds a door which allows her into both worlds. After visiting a cave full of fantastic machines operated by 'beautiful people in beautiful gowns', she rides a bubble produced by the machines, which takes her to the roof where she meets the yetis that make the snow. Inside the store, giant Yeti footprints appear on the floor and an eight-foot Yeti is on display.

Saks joins Macy's this year in taking the holiday shopping experience to a new level, with new technology allowing more creative solutions to create a 'destination' for shoppers that's about entertainment as well as retail. JWT created an app, Believe-O-Magic, for Macy's which allowed customers to tap into the story of 'Yes, Virginia' in-store.