This Whopper-Scented Air Freshener Will Infuse Your Ride With Flame-Grilled Aroma

Because Who Wouldn't Want a Car That Smelled Like Meat?

Published On
May 31, 2016

Editor's Pick

In honor of International Hamburger Day, Burger King Brazil debuted an unusual new product: a Whopper-scented air freshener.

The burger-shaped ornament hangs from a car's rearview mirror and spreads the glorious smell of grilled meat throughout the vehicle. As in the demo video seen here, the odors seemed genuine enough to get the mouths of Brazilian cab passengers watering so much that they re-routed their trips straight to the drive-through of their local BK joints.

We don't know about you, but we much prefer the smell of charred meat to the noxious fumes of Magic Tree's classic "Forest Fresh" scent.