Whoppers are like moths to flames in new Burger King ads

BBH spots from the U.K. emphasize the chain's flame-grilled credentials once again

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Jun 06, 2022

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Burger King has gone to many lengths over the years to emphasize that its offerings are flame-grilled—even, somewhat controversially back in 2017, posting photos of its restaurants that have caught fire

A new campaign from BBH London in the U.K. sets out to remind us of the fire connection once again, but in a gently humorous, slightly surreal way by showing how its Whoppers are totally attracted, moth-like, to flames.

One spot for example shows people enjoying a backyard firepit, only to be surprised by an invasion of Whoppers, whizzing around like flying saucers.

And in another, a man mourning a breakup by burning photos of his ex thinks she may have returned when the gate swings open. But instead, it's another flying Whopper come to find the flames.




A third film from the series will see a Whopper surprise two lost hikers, huddling for warmth by the fireplace in an abandoned mountain cabin. 

The ads were directed by Adam and Dave via Arts and Sciences.

“This latest creative celebrates one of the Whopper’s most distinctive attributes—flame-grilling, in a unique way," commented Soco Nunez, brand and comms director at Burger King U.K., in a statement. "Without the flame, there is no Whopper and we love how the team at BBH have brought this to life in a bold and unexpected way.”