Train Station Wi-Fi Seekers Get Unexpected 'Treat'

Wi-Fi landing page directs users to the local store to buy portable router

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Mar 18, 2013

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Swedish mobile brand 3 found a way to promote its "Pocket Wi-Fi" portable Wi-Fi route, by targeting commuters looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Agency MRM set up a WiFi hotspot at Stockholm Central Station, naming it "Looking for WiFi?". When people connected to the network they were redirected to a web page pointing them in the direction of the local 3 Store and suggesting it was about time they got their own Wi-Fi. The message included product information and directions to the store.

3 isn't the first brand to hijack the Wi-Fi signal in Sweden; last summer agency The Fan Club created a campaign for magazine reseller Tisdam that encouraged commuters to buy magazines instead. However, with a product that's directly Wi-Fi related, its chances of reaching its target audience look good.