Audi 'Wi-Fi-Jacks' the New York Auto Show

Automaker Aids Attendees While Getting Its Point Across

Published On
Mar 22, 2016

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While the BMW 328i has long been seen as top player in its class of luxury automobiles, the Audi A4 is looking to take its place with a fresh redesign and a clever tech-minded campaign at the New York Auto Show.

Starting today, the brand has "wi-fi-jacked" the annual auto event, giving free and robust wi-fi access to all attendees. The networks, however, happen to have some curious names:

328 reasons to choose A4

#1: A4 more horsepower than 328i

#2: A4 more torque than 328i

#3: A4 has Wi-Fi

#4: A4 has CarPlay

The idea was created out of Muhtayzik Hoffer. According to the agency's Co-Founder/CCO John Matejczyk, the network names will switch as the show goes on, with at least 10 on at a time. "Anyone who goes to auto shows knows that wi-fi is hard to find, and usually password protected," he explained. "So this seemed like a nice service to offer people, many of whom just may happen to be auto journalists and bloggers."