101 Years

Published On
Oct 11, 2018



Wild Turkey had low awareness in a crowded category. Additionally, their target audience didn’t see them as a premium brand. They needed a new partner to help drive their unapologetic nature into social conversations with the right people, at the right time, in the right place. We had the opportunity to rethink how to capture and build relationships through digital and social communications.


In addition to transforming the way people think about Wild Turkey, we were also asked to pay tribute to Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell’s 101 combined years of experience with the Campari brand. What started as a small request to send a tweet recognizing this anniversary ballooned into a risky and bold move that’s paid dividends.


101 Years is as ownable as it gets for Wild Turkey as a brand given their celebrated product, Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon. We knew we had to go big.

To celebrate this landmark anniversary, we helped Wild Turkey take some feedback…and set it on fire. Because with 101 years of combined experience, Wild Turkey Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell have had their critics, but sticking to their guns is how these two became legends of the bourbon world.

So, we collected negative comments from all over the internet, etched them inside new American White Oak barrels, and gave them our signature “Alligator” char. Basically, we turned online hate into real bourbon.

We posted our piece, and a series of short extras, across our social channels. People everywhere freaked out, from diehard Wild Turkey fans to folks who just enjoy some sweet pyrotechnics. We went viral—which we had to explain to Jimmy.

The result was a worldwide celebration of the Russell’s and their craft. Fans everywhere raised a glass to Jimmy and Eddie. We discovered it’s not easy to convince a brand to say negative things about their product. But it sure is fun.