Allgauer Latschenkiefer : Win Twitter Fame for a Day

What is celebrity and why do you deserve it?

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Mar 28, 2012

Editor's Pick

What is the nature of Twitter fame, and why should some celebrities -- we're looking at you, Kimmy K., have it? An interesting game by venture capitalist Adam Ludwin tries to answer this question with Fame, a Twitter-based raffle that will get you as many fans (or close to) as Lady Gaga.

Sign up for the game and enter a raffle, tweeting about @fame earns you more chances to win. Whoever wins (a winner is chosen every day at noon) will get followed by every other player until the next winner is drawn. Then, the followers disappear... voila! Your 24 hours of Twitter fame. Whether it's a powerful message about the fleeting nature of celebrity or just a fun number-bending pastime, the experiment is set to get even more interesting as the number of players grow.

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