Mystery Man Haunts Photographer in Poetic Spot for Canon Japan

Tugboat Delivers Beautiful, Eerie Tale for New EOS 70D

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Oct 15, 2013

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A photographer roams through the highlands of Scotland on a daunting, creative quest in this gorgeous, poetic tale for Canon, created out of Tugboat Japan. He trudges through verdant landscapes, pointing his camera into the blue, when a mysterious man suddenly appears in his viewfinder. He turns out to be what the photographer was seeking all along--a force of nature that, until now, was impossible to capture on film.

"The camera projects the mind of the photographer," explained Creative Director Taku Tada in a statement. "That's what I wanted our target audience to feel."

The film promotes the new single lens EOS 70D and aims "to open up a whole new world" for serious photographers. Ryosuke Maeda of Tohokushinsha directed and filmed the piece in Scotland, where the latest James Bond film was shot.

During the spot's launch, the advertiser had an unusual media buy and ran it at the same time--8:59 PM on August 23, on all 108 of Japan's broadcast stations