General Motors : Windows of Opportunity

Windows to the world.

Published On
Jan 20, 2012

Editor's Pick

General Motors' R&D arm put a challenge before students from the FUTURE lab at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel: Make car backseats fun. The task was to get kids and adults beyond gameboys or DVD players to have a richer and more interactive experience while on road trips.

Windows of Opportunity turned car windows into interactive displays that aim to forge a connection between the people in the back seat and the world outside. The windows can respond to things like vehicle speed or location to augment the real-world view with an interactive environment. Of course, there are no immediate plans for GM to actually put these windows into its vehicles, so the team at Bazelel was pretty much given a free reign to do whatever it liked. Tip: Keep the windows clean and carry some dramamine.