Canal+ Takes On The Nativity In A Spot Not Recommended For Christians

TV Beats Crib As French Broadcaster Re-Imagines Bethlehem

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Dec 02, 2013

Editor's Pick

French broadcaster Canal+ is not the only broadcaster this year to tell us that the true meaning of Christmas is sitting round the widescreen with the family (see Sky, Netflix and others). But it's the only one to do it quite such a blatant way. This spot, by BETC Paris, shows a single Wise Man following the star to Bethlehem to find the holy family engrossed in holiday TV -- baby abandoned in the manger. While this definitely won't impress Christians (and even the non-religious might be depressed at the suggestion that TV is our new religion), others are bound to stifle a guilty laugh. The ad was directed by Gary Freedman through The GlueSociety/Wanda.