It All Goes Wrong for Santa in Duracell's Funny Holiday Ad

Spot by W&K and Andreas Nilsson Imagines His Fall From Grace

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Nov 27, 2017

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Duracell is serving up a holiday version of its Trust is Power campaign, in which the consequences of using non-Duracell batteries prove catastrophic, with a spot in which Santa Claus himself falls from grace.

In the funny new ad, directed by Andreas Nilsson for Wieden & Kennedy New York, Santa ponders the outcome of choosing a different battery. First, chaos ensues as a series of screaming kids have meltdowns when their toys don't work. He's threatened by an angry mob on live TV. A boardroom of elves decides to fire him, and he's replaced by a smooth-looking younger Santa. His sleigh is repossessed and he gets a roasting on social media. Even Rudolph deserts him. Thank goodness it's only in his imagination.

The film is accompanied by a series of radio Christmas carols and social content.


Nov 27, 2017
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy - New York
Director :
Andreas Nilsson
Visual Effects Creative Director :
The Mill
2D Lead Artist :
Jimmy Bullard
3D Lead Artist :
Jasper Kidd
2D Artist :
Heather Kennedy
2D Artist :
Ting Jung-Hsu
2D Artist :
Yoon-sun Bae
2D Artist :
Kevan Lee
3D Artist :
Alex Allain
3D Artist :
Constance Bensen
3D Artist :
Incheol Jeong
3D Artist :
Chris Hill
Matte Painting :
Charles Lee
Matte Painting :
Marc Samson
Matte Painting :
Marco Iozzi
Design :
Jaime Alberto Flores
Executive Producer :
Melanie Wickham
Producer :
Luis Martin
Production Coordinator :
Zach Fortin
Shoot Supervisor :
Jimmy Bullard

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