Wonder Bread: The Greatest Thing Since... - Dad Jokes

Published On
Apr 11, 2014


Is there anything more nostalgic than Wonder Bread? The classic loaf had been an American lunch staple for so many years, until 2012 when the brand temporarily went out of the production when its former parent Hostess went under. In 2013, Flower Foods stepped in to acquire the company's former bread brands and put the product back on the shelves last fall. Recently, with the help of The Hive Toronto, the brand launched this charming campaign playing off the familiar saying that Wonder Bread helped spawn, "The best thing since sliced bread."

The new "Best Thing Since. . ." effort, featuring a charming, stop-motion technique, romanticizes the mundane task of making a sandwich, pairing the act with some of life's most quintessential memories, from rolling eyes at dad's lame jokes and picking on the younger sibling to telling mom not to worry so much and making up with the spouse.