Chevrolet Freaks Out Focus Groups With Woodchipper, Eggs, Broken Elevator and More

Latest Round of 'Real People, Not Actors' Pits Automaker Against Competitors in Ludicrous Roundtables

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Oct 01, 2015

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Chevrolet and Commonwealth McCann are back with another round of gut-busting focus group stunts in the latest installment of the "Real People, Not Actors" campaign. Previously, the automaker spiced up the boring old consumer Q&A sessions by introducing killer clowns, male strippers and zombies.

Now, the brand's hijinks include hilarious pranks in which consumers are thrown into pitch black darkness, dodgy elevators and guessing games, as well as more ridiculous roundtable sessions in which the poker-faced moderator throws participants' phones into a woodchipper, unveils anachronistic tech "innovations," throws eggs and gets a little too close for comfort.

Directed by Zach Merck of Make, the ads highlight Chevy vehicles' tech innovations while targeting competitors including Nissan, Toyota, Dodge and Ford.


Oct 01, 2015
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Director :
Zach Merck
Production Company :
Chairperson :
Linus Karlsson
North America Chief Creative Office :
Gary Pascoe
Executive Creative Director :
Duffy Patten
Executive Creative Director :
Bob Guisgand
Associate Creative Director :
Mike Palese
Senior Copywriter :
Melissa Gessner
Executive Vice President, Global Director, Content :
Jeff Beverly
Executive Producer :
Kelly Balagna
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Adam Davis
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Adam VanDyke
Producer :
Stuart Moutrie
Producer :
Vanessa Nikolic
Account Director :
Rebecca Chow
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Jacqueline Redmond
Director :
Zach Merck/MAKE
Executive Producer :
Dana Locatell
Supervising Producer/MAKE Partner :
Tim Mack
Executive Producer :
Carolina Sanborn @Spotwelders
Senior Producer :
Lisa English @Spotwelders
Editor :
Livio Sanchez @Spotwelders

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