Anjelica Huston is a wool guru who fights stains on clothes—and on the hearts of men

Born & Raised creates a campaign starring the actor in funny, philosophical spots from Woolmark

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Nov 26, 2019

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Anyone who’s ever pulled a shrunken sweater out of the dryer knows that wool needs to be cared for properly. But wool’s reputation for being finicky is overblown—and exacerbated by the fast fashion craze that emphasizes low costs, rough handling and careless storage.

A quirky new campaign from Woolmark, a nonprofit that promotes Australian wool, features actor Anjelica Huston as a wool care guru who fields worried queries from clothing owners dealing with stains, splashed wine and pilling. Intrepid assistant Frances presents the problem, which is quickly solved, before Huston begins psychoanalyzing the wearer to glean intimate, cutting insights about the real problems that afflict them.


The spots from agency Born & Raised let Huston shine as a comically single-minded expert who knows as much about the human condition as she does about the condition of woolen garments. Perpetual overthinker Frances is the audience stand-in, breaking down bad advice and misconceptions about wool.


In this world, no spill is as simple as it seems. Well, the care instructions Huston levies are simple, but she sees deep-seated issues in each letter writer. What is it about men who wear wool that makes them care more about their clothes than their companions?


The campaign is part of a new push to reach younger and more environmentally conscious consumers who are concerned about the microplastics shed by synthetic clothing and the carbon footprint of pieces that only last a few years before falling apart.



Nov 26, 2019
Client :
Agency :
Born & Raised
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Josh Rogers
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Kirt Gunn
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Kirt Gunn
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Josh Rogers
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Kirt Gunn
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Carol Stevens
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Steve Yedlin
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Laura Armstrong
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Anna McLeod
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Mitchell Oakley Smith
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Jessica Somers
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Final Cut
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Dirk Green
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Deborah Sullivan
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Asaf Yeger
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Aline Sinquin
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Five One Color

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