AT&T : Work for Will -- Piano

Job offer! Kind of.

Published On
Nov 11, 2012

Editor's Pick

Want to "work" for Will Arnett? AT&T and BBDO Atlanta will make it happen, in a new campaign for the Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia 920. Featuring Will Arnett, the campaign, which has a couple of funny pre-rolls (like the one seen here) as well as a 30-second TV spot, features the actor and comedian talking about his assistant, the new phone. Then, he asks you to go to, and show him what you would do with the device, for a chance to become his new assistant. On the site, users can build their own Nokia Lumia 920, which then results in a customized response video from Arnett, showing him "interviewing" the device. Then, the videos are voted on, with the winner becoming Arnett's assistant for a day. The ad clearly states that this isn't an offer of employment (in this economy?!), just a contest, so sorry to get your hopes up.