Play-Doh's Beautiful Handmade Campaign Turned Creatives Into Big Kids

DDB Paris Campaign Is Themed Around the 'World of Playdoh'

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May 18, 2017

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For a new print and poster campaign for Playdoh in France, agency DDB Paris let its creatives loose with the kids' modelling clay, and the results are beautiful.

Every single element of the "World of Play-Doh" campaign is made out of Play-Doh, including the text, tagline and logo. The campaign is based around the notion that kids create their own Play-Doh world, where anything is possible, even if it totally contradicts the laws of universe. It started with drawings, then the creatives recreated the art in Play-Doh and finally they were photographed at a studio by French photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes.

Although created to appeal to kids with their color and style, the witty copy in the ads is also designed to engage their parents. For example: "In the world of Play-Doh, is it possible to survive a head transplant? The answer is yes."