Selfridges Pushes Denim With Crowdsourced Fashion Shoot

Consumers co-create collage for web and posters

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Jun 26, 2013

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London departments store Selfridges turned to crowdsourcing to launch an interactive an outdoor campaign promoting its new "Denim Lovers" denim studio. Instead of solely doing its own fashion shoot, it invited consumers to a catwalk event and invited audience members to take pictures of denim-clad models using their smartphones or digital cameras.

Production company Rumpus Room built a system that collected and organized images sent from mobile devices and DSLR cameras by 300 collaborators attending the shoot, and in a 16-hour turnaround, and created a collage that appeared on OOH sites across the country the next day and as an interactive experience on On the site, visitors can explore the composition of the collage and each invididual contribution. Photographer Tom Craig worked on the project with Selfridges creative director Alannah Weston as well as Rumpus Room.