Colonel Sanders, WWE Star, Is Now Part of a Real Video Game

Is There Anywhere This Mascot Won't Play?

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Oct 12, 2017

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Is there nowhere KFC and the Colonel won't go? In the latest installment of Colonel Sanders' muti-media tour, he's now become part of a videogame.

WWE fans can see him as a playable character in "WWE 2K18," a video game being released Oct. 17. WWE star Kurt Angle announced the plan in a video during Sunday night's "Hell in a Cell" event, which also featured WWE star Heath Slater dressed as the Puppers Cluckers Chicken, a rival to Col. Sanders who appeared in a KFC/WWE promotion last year.

KFC also recently milked its WWE tie-up in a "audition" video showing wrestling stars trying out for the role of "toughest chicken salesman in WWE history." The partnership debuted last year with a video that saw Colonel Sanders battle Puppers Cluckers Chicken for title of World's Chicken Sandwich Champion.